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For those who have been diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as SAD, commonly used therapeutic tools are SAD lamps. These lamps are also called light boxes or light therapy boxes and as the name implies, their purpose is to provide more intensive full spectrum light exposure as a method of lessening the depressive symptoms that often accompany SAD.

People who have been diagnosed with SAD by a medical professional and use light therapy as a treatment in a professional setting are often interested in purchasing a SAD lamp for home use. If the light exposure therapy is beneficial and the person suffering realizes that this will help improve his or her mood, looking online for a solid reputable source for a light box makes a lot of sense. Here are some features to look for:

Make sure that the light box is built specifically for treating this disorder. There are now some lamps that are supposed to treat multiple types of depression. Check for the light intensity levels and make sure that the bulbs are bright enough when sitting the appropriate distance away.

UV or ultraviolet light can cause skin damage as well as be harmful to the eyes and the older SAD lamps used may not be great about reducing UV rays. Search online for a box that reduces the amount of UV light as much as possible, but still provides the high intensity that is needed for the treatment. If it is not clear about the amount of UV rays given off, check with the manufacturer and ask for specific safety information.

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Currently, some of the most popular products include the Philips Wake Up Light, Uplift Day-Light SAD Light Full Spectrum Natural Light, Rondo SAD Lamp, Satelite SAD Lamp and the SHOWoff.  You will find many of these products throughout this page.

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