How SAD Lamps Can Help You Fight Seasonal Depression

An example of a SAD lamp used in light therapy.

An example of a SAD lamp used in light therapy.

SAD Lamps as they have come to be known are special kinds of lights that replicate some of the beneficial effects of natural sunlight. SAD, which is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder is a serious issue that affects many people all around the world.

When the seasons change, many times so do our moods. The days get shorter, we don’t get enough natural sunlight and we can experience a chemical imbalance that throws off our circadian rhythm, which is an important biological process that we require to function.

If you find yourself dreading Winter way in advance and know that you have a history of going into depression when the year starts to wind down, then a SAD lamp may be just the thing you need. Many people find that by using a sad light for an hour or two a day; their mood greatly improves and they don’t feel so heavy about their thoughts and emotions.

Using phototherapy or helioptherapy (light therapy) may aid you greatly in..

  • Sleeping better
  • Not over sleeping
  • Feeling more uplifted and positive about life
  • Focusing and being attentive
  • Feeling joyful and renewed
  • Combating negative thoughts
  • Balancing appetite to where it should be
  • Conquering the feeling to hibernate or isolate yourself
  • Helping you to get excited about the things that you normally love


A person using a light box for phototherapy

A person using a light box for phototherapy

Although of course there is no, concrete medical evidence that sad lamps can help a person who has seasonal depression, many people choose to speak up for themselves; and many of whom express that using a SAD light has helped them a great deal.

Need Help Choosing A SAD Lamp?

On this site, you will find accurate reviews of 3 sad lamps that were chosen based on real feedback from Amazon customers. I narrowed it down, found the most popular and promising of these sad lights according to my research.

You will also find lots of information here to help you deal with seasonal depression and get answers to your biggest questions.

Because I also struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression and anxiety, I have written about all of these topics. I also enjoy writing about things that are working for me. Some of these things are completely free and some of them are paid solutions, but regardless – I believe you will find the information on this site very helpful.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

If you’re looking for reviews of SAD lamps – there are 3 here and they are quite honest. If you want to learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder, the links a the top of this site should get you well under way. If you want to learn more about anxiety, I also have information featured here.

Best of luck

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