SAD Light Boxes - Info Guide  

The most common thing that SAD light boxes are used for is helping those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder which is what SAD stands for. It is ironic that the acronym for a depression disorder is SAD, but that is what it is. This disorder can make healthy happy people turn into sad and depressed people in the months when the sun is not at its fullest.

Many people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder cannot function in those months during the late fall and winter time. This is because the body and brain are not getting enough sunlight to keep the chemicals in the brain at a consistent level. Something needs to be done to get these chemicals back to normal levels to make the person feel like they do in the summer months.

A SAD light box offers a simulation of the sunlight that the sun produces and which is lacking in the winter months. The person who is suffering from season affective disorder can use this box to get the chemicals back to normal without having constant sunlight at their disposal. All they need to do is use the light for a half an hour or an hour in order to get these chemicals back in order.

It is important to use this light box everyday in order to get the full effects of the light. Even missing a couple of days in a row can bring back the chemical imbalances and the sufferer is going to have to start all over again to get back in line. The user also needs to keep their eyes open when using this light box.

SAD light boxes are great way to combat seasonal affective disorder. Many people suffer from this ailment every year. They can get their life back on track by using this method of therapy. Sometimes, a little sunlight will go a long way in changing the overall mental health and this easy cure is well worth a try.

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