SAD Light Therapy Guide  

Anyone who is suffering from SAD or seasonal affective disorder knows how well SAD light therapy works to balance the chemicals in the brain. The light offers the same rays as the sun and can trick the brain into thinking that the body is getting the sunlight it was lacking. This disorder typically rears its ugly head in the fall and winter months when the sun is rising later and setting sooner.

When the body feels a lack of sunlight, the chemicals in the brain can become unbalanced and depression along with other symptoms will start to show up. These symptoms can become so debilitating that the person suffering from it can become a different person. One who was happy and full of life in the summer time can be sad and depressed person in the cold months.

SAD light therapy is an effective treatment because it mimics the rays of the sun so that the body and mind can become balanced once again. Once the chemicals are balanced, the person is going to go back to their normal happy go lucky self. This therapy needs to be done every day for the effects to last.

Once the spring and summer months are back, the light therapy can be replaced with the sun. Some people go to the extreme of moving away from areas that lack sunlight in the winter months. They may also winter in places like Arizona or Southern California to keep from going through this depression.

This is not necessary when there are SAD light therapies that are much more inexpensive that moving the entire family to a new state. Using light therapy daily can make the depression and other symptoms go away leaving the sufferer feeling better and more like their old self again. There is no need to move to sunnier places when light therapy works just as well as the sun.

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